Funding $9.5 Million of Progress in Rush County

You could say that the Rush County Community Foundation has impacted our community in over 9,500,000 ways.  Each dollar of the $9,500,000+ disbursed from our permanent endowment funds has enabled a non-profit organization, person, or community project to develop.  Numerous churches, nonprofit agencies, and causes have funds at the RCCF that make a difference that  … Read more

A Memorial Gift that Lasts Forever

When a loved one of a friend or family member’s passes on, it’s difficult to know the “right” thing to say or do to help the situation.  We’re often left scrambling to prepare and deliver a casserole, rearrange schedules to visit the family and/or funeral home, and purchase an item to let the friend/family member  … Read more

The Foundation of Your Hometown

A fun week of hometown spirit culminates tonight as the Rushville Lions football team takes on South Dearborn at the annual Homecoming game.  Students and alumni alike look forward to this Friday night tradition, an opportunity to reunite and celebrate our great community under the bright lights.   When thinking about “Homecoming” in our community  … Read more

Funding a Creative Education

The school year is now in full swing!  Fall sports are already mid-season, special classroom projects are underway, and the first 9 weeks have quickly come and gone.  As we look ahead to the remainder of the 2016-2017 school year, we can look forward to more fun and creative programs and projects.   Special project  … Read more

Community Foundations throughout the State of Indiana

This weekend is yet another exciting weekend in Rush County:  the bicentennial torch will pass through Rush County as part of a commemorative tour to celebrate Indiana’s 200th birthday!  As we celebrate the state at a local-level this weekend, it seems an appropriate time to review the state-wide network of community foundations.   Before diving  … Read more

Celebrating our Contributions

Rush Fest weekend is here, commemorating our wonderful community’s heritage and pride.  The third weekend in September has long served as a reminder of our county’s rich past, showcased through a weekend full of fun events representing Rush County’s history and the people and service that comprise our community organizations.  As Rush County’s past and  … Read more

A New Season of Giving

Labor Day has quickly come and gone, ushering us into shorter days, changing leaves, cooler temperatures, and harvest season.  The transition to this new season brings new joys and opportunities, particularly for our local farm families.   For those farm families seeking opportunities to benefit our community AND maximize tax benefits, consider gifting grain to  … Read more

Rush County’s Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship

School is officially back in session!  The now-shorter evenings filled with homework, club meetings, and sports practices have returned, and for some of our community’s high school seniors, college and scholarship research and applications has already begun.   It’s hard to believe that, only one month into the schoolyear, it’s time for our high school  … Read more

Give Back to RCCF without Giving a Penny

  A concern sometimes expressed by donors or prospective donors to the Rush County Community Foundation is that they don’t have “enough” to give to make a difference.  Our response is quick and simple:  no donation amount is too small!  Any donated amount, when permanently invested and pooled with the contributions from others, makes a  … Read more

Forever Supporting the Mission of our Community’s Non-Profit Organizations

Last week’s Foundation Fact Friday culminated a seven month-long series of articles regarding the non-profit organizations the Rush County Community Foundation supports via designated endowment funds.  We hope that you enjoyed the mini-series of facts and learning about the focused funding provided to the broad array of non-profit agencies serving Rush County.   The series  … Read more